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Then you know keeping your team engaged can be challenging

Fitty is an AI - based technology that keeps your team engaged and healthy through personalised active breaks. Your employees can exercise how and when they want, receive feedback in real time and compete with others.

Feel innovation first-hand

Fitty uses advanced computer vision technology which means it sees and tracks every movement. No rep will come uncounted, and if your employees are not sure of their posture, Fitty trainer will fix their posture with real-time voice and on-screen feedback.

Foster healthy habits through personalisation

Active breaks often get boring fast. But not if they’re completely tailored to your preferences

Get health insights like nowhere else

Fitty trainer not only tracks movements but transforms the data into meaningful insights. Employees can track how their stress and energy levels, as well as workout accuracy.

Exercises for body and soul

One size does not fit all when it comes to fitness and wellness. Allow your employees to choose from a broad range of exercises for every case. Fitty trainer will recommend personalised activities based on user’s preferences.

Check on your workforce the way they want it

Fitty checks on everyone the way they want it. Employees can choose when and how they want to be reminded about active breaks and daily check-ins.

Drive accountability through friendly competition

Fitty tracks those who finish workouts, not just open them. Use this data to help your employees stick to healthy habits —reward those with longest streaks.


We all know the importance of exercise in daily life. But when it comes to fitness at work, it’s usually not that obvious. 50% of office workers have MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) that come from sedentary lifestyle.


So. having active breaks is essential not just for your employees, but for you, too. Active breaks help reduce absenteeism, increase energy levels and power your workforce for a better day at work.


  • Fitty is based on AI and motion tracking. It scans user's body when they exercise in front of any camera and understands the coordinates of joints. Based on this information, user gets feedback in real-time.

  • We do not collect personal data. All the data collected is strictly for evaluating user's capabilities during exercise. 

  • Currently Fitty is primarily for active breaks. However, we track who collects the longest streak, and employers can choose to reward those users. We are working on introducing fitness challenges as well. 

  • Step challenges is a great way to engage your employees, however, they are not for everyone, and do not solve the problems caused by sedentary jobs. That is why Fitty can be a perfect addition to any wellness tools that you currently use. 

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