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The Easiest Way to Step Online as a Gym

Omnichannel fitness is not just a buzzword. Recent data from McKinsey’s survey reveals a fascinating trend: monthly spending on connected fitness equipment has increased by 5%. This significant growth suggests people’s real interest in including digital elements in their fitness routines. People seek ways to track their progress automatically, understand their physical abilities, and work out more effectively. As a result, gyms and studios need to start investing in their branding and digitalization if they want to catch up to the current trends.

Although all this might seem reasonable, there is one deal-breaker for most fitness businesses. Unsurprisingly, in most cases, digitalization costs a lot. Whether that is building an app or installing a DEXA scan, it requires serious investment, and you can’t really test if it’s worth it prior to putting your money on the line.

But what if there was a way to dip your toes into digital fitness without breaking the bank? What if you could offer your clients the benefits of digitalization without the need for expensive app development or complex platforms? That’s where the AI virtual trainer comes in.

What is a virtual trainer?

A virtual trainer is a game-changing tool that can help you go online in a matter of hours. Now, how does that work? An AI virtual trainer technology scans the user’s body once they exercise in front of the camera, counts repetitions, and gives users real-time feedback. Just like a personal trainer, except you don’t have to give it cash after the exercise.

One of the best things about AI virtual trainers is that some of them can be integrated within hours, not days. For example, a white-label integration with the FittyAI trainer can be done on the same day.

White-label integration means you don’t have to do anything on the tech side. Your exercises will be placed on a web page branded with your logo, colours, and fonts. Once your user clicks on the link, they can open it, exercise in front of their screens, and get full guidance from the virtual trainer. And if you want to bring more users into your physical location, there’s a solution too. You can have the virtual trainer on your TV screens!

How to incorporate it into your business?

Tracked online exercises (for those wanting to test going online)

With an AI virtual trainer, you can seamlessly transition your gym or fitness studio to the online space (or at least test if it’s worth it). Clients can access a range of tracked online exercises guided by the virtual trainer through video demonstrations and real-time feedback. This use case allows you to explore the world of online fitness, providing a convenient and accessible platform for your clients to continue their workouts from anywhere.

Fitness challenges (for those looking to boost engagement)

Engage your clients in exciting fitness challenges with the help of an AI virtual trainer. You can create a simple squat challenge for your gym members to join through the link in real life in your studio. Or you can create a push-up challenge, measuring who can do the most or who can do the most accurately. Fitness challenges add fun and friendly competition and serve as a powerful motivator, keeping clients engaged and committed to their fitness journey.

Home exercises (for making personal trainers’ lives easier)

An AI virtual trainer simplifies the process of providing home exercises to clients. Personal trainers can create personalised workout plans that clients can easily follow at home, eliminating the need for constant supervision. The virtual trainer ensures that clients perform exercises correctly through real-time feedback, making it an invaluable tool for personal trainers to support and guide their clients’ fitness routines remotely.

Progress tracking (for those looking to increase retention)

Enhance client retention by offering progress assessments through an AI virtual trainer. With progress assessments, whether you’re measuring mobility, cardio strength, or stamina, your clients will have a clear picture of their progress. And what else motivates people to train than seeing their own progress?

Even better, you can use the virtual trainer for all of those use cases simultaneously with just one simple link that can be used at the gym, at home, and through any device with a camera.


As the fitness industry continues to evolve, businesses must adapt and embrace digitalization. The AI virtual trainer offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for incorporating digital elements into fitness routines. Its real-time feedback, personalized guidance, and seamless integration open new avenues for gyms, studios, and personal trainers.

Don’t let the fear of high costs or complex platforms hold you back. Embrace the potential of the AI virtual trainer and unlock a new level of connectivity and engagement with your clients. Try out working out with a FittyAI virtual trainer today, or drop us a message for more information. Let’s take your fitness business to the next level together.

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