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Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness: The Power of AI Motion Tracking

Employee wellness has become increasingly important in recent years since more and more companies started recognizing the value of supporting their employees’ physical well-being. However, while 38% of HRs believe their companies should prioritize employee physical well-being, only 17% of employees say they feel supported by their employers in managing their physical well-being.

This gap highlights the need for better corporate wellness programs, and this is where fitness motion-tracking technology steps in. Most corporate wellness programs only track basic metrics like steps, which does not provide the comprehensive tracking and support many employees need.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and see all the benefits of motion-tracking technology.

The benefits of motion-tracking for corporate wellness platforms

Staying physically active and healthy is vital for everyone, including employees. However, traditional corporate wellness programs can be bland and unengaging. That’s where fitness motion-tracking technology comes in, offering a range of benefits that can improve the user experience and increase engagement.

1. Helps avoid injuries

Based on this research, over 71% of the sample (office workers who spend most of their time at their desks) had work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). That’s mostly because people just don’t have time for exercising or don’t enjoy doing that. This is where vision motion tracking comes in — it makes the exercises engaging in the first place and helps users exercise better with corrective guidance. You have no idea if your user is exercising accurately if you’re just syncing their data from Apple Health and other providers. Vison-based motion-tracking not only gives you much more data for personalizing users’ experience. The virtual trainer takes care of your users and corrects their posture, preventing injury and easing their condition.

2. This is the future of fitness (corporate fitness too!)

Our research shows corporate wellness platforms rarely offer computer-based motion tracking. While this is a growing trend in on-demand fitness platforms, it is still unknown to corporate fitness platforms. However, the user for individual fitness platforms and corporate wellness platforms is the same. People want to exercise online, see the progress, and get fitter. And if the employer is the one who’s paying for that, that’s even better!

3. Better insights and tracking

Although you might be already using a pedometer or tracking data by integrating with Apple or Samsung Health, computer-based motion-tracking tech brings it to the next level. It provides much more accurate tracking of exercises and movements because the computer vision tracks every movement and corrects if the user is not exercising correctly. This means better insights and progress tracking for users, allowing them to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Employees can set more realistic goals and stay motivated with a more accurate picture of their fitness level. And when they’re engaged and motivated, the churn rate drops with no additional effort.

4. Data buy-in of your clients

The data collected from motion-tracking technology can be used by employers to evaluate the effectiveness of your platform. You’ll have all their employees’ progress data, so it’s just a matter of visualizing it in an attractive dashboard. No company will quit your platform after you prove the effectiveness of your platform with accurate numbers and proven significant progress of your employees.

To sum up, although corporate wellness apps like to separate themselves from simple on-demand fitness apps, the core of keeping the user engaged and motivated is still the same. Gamification, personalization, and giving your user better insights will continue to be the industry trend. And by far, implementing a virtual trailer is the easiest option to get all that and more.

Still not convinced? Step into the shoes of your users and try out the virtual trainer today!

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